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Vintage Microphone Servicing in Toronto

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Recently I have taken over from the great Canadian vintage microphone specialist Mr. Douglas Walker. He was a standard feature in the recording and broadcast worlds for vintage microphone repair. Doug Walker has trained me to perform diaphragm refurbishments (also known as re-skinning). I of course offer power supply repair, and general microphone service as well.

I am still the only person in Canada who re-ribbons ribbon microphones (I procure German foil of appropriate thickness for your mic, cut it to the proper width, and corrugate it accordingly with a number of corrugators that I possess). I also have built a room dedicated to the measuring of your microphone for both pre-service and post-service comparisons.
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Re-skin Diaphragms:
Microphones are only as good as their diaphragms. Having been trained by Doug Walker
in the art of measuring and re-skinning all types of capsules, I strive to recondition your treasure to help make your recordings or live performances be crystal clear. I also offer different material options and variations to help tune the microphone to better meet your needs.
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Re-ribbon Microphones:
Vintage ribbon microphones hold a special place in the hearts of many audio professionals. I offer top-notch re-ribboning services to
restore these classics to their former glory, so you can enjoy their unique sonic character once more.
Let me help you get your treasured microphones performing just the way you want and exactly how you need.

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