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Borealis String Quartet

"With its intense, focused style of playing, drawing the maximum expression from every phrase, the quartet presents itself as a group of star players, the energy radiating from them like the stars."

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Duo Rendezvous

Duo Rendezvous unites two leading Canadian performers, violinist Jasper Wood and guitarist Daniel Bolshoy. This duo was formed as a response to great demand for a refreshing and passionate chamber ensemble with a strong dedication to outreach and education.

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A unique musical ensemble in the Canadian landscape, Pentaèdre explores and presents to the public a diversified and original chamber music repertoire, developed in the tradition of music for winds.

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Joseph Petric

Welcome to my newly updated site where you can follow my activities, publications, listen to CDs, visit my enhanced AccordionTube channel with live performances, view calendar updates and join my Blog.

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Triple Forte

Triple Forte brings together three of Canada’s most renowned soloists: violinist Jasper Wood, cellist Denise Djokic, and pianist David Jalbert. In joining forces to create a superlative piano trio, they have captured critics’ and audiences’ attention with their passion, intelligence, and sensitivity, as well as the sheer joy they bring to the stage.

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Triplet Records

Triplet Records is a Canadian music label founded by bassist-composer Paul Novotny and pianist-composer Joe Sealy. We present uniquely skilled artists through our global distribution network.

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Jasper Wood

Canadian violinist Jasper Wood has performed with many of North America’s finest orchestras, in cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Buffalo, and throughout Europe.

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