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Sound Measurement Services

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In the dynamic world of professional audio, precision sound reproduction is paramount. To attain the highest levels in quality of sound reproduction and ensuring your audience enjoys an exceptional auditory experience, sound measurement analysis can be an indispensable element in a studio's success.

Services Provided:

  • SMAART - the master of analysis in sound measurement analytics
  • Audio Precision - the benchmark for precision
  • Speaker performance and positioning - where precision meet artistry
  • Crossover calibration - seamlessly blending sound
In the realm of professional audio sound measurement, the pursuit of perfection in its reproduction is relentless. The use of cutting-edge tools like SMAART and Audio Precision, along with on-site expertise, room performance analysis, speaker positioning, and crossover calibration, ensures that every note, every word, and every nuance of sound is delivered to your audience with uncompromising accuracy.
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Midtown Media takes pride in offering the highest quality sound measurement services for studios in Toronto and beyond. We can shoot the room together, analyze the results and explore the potential of your room and equipment performance. This allows us to "see" what you hear.
With the fusion of science and art, Midtown Media helps you to make the auditory experience truly exceptional.

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